So, thin is *no longer* in?

There’s a lot of hoopla in the webaverse about this new Pretzel Crisps ad campaign. Apparently their slogans are just outrageous and will lead gaunt young women to the guillotine!

Does anyone truly believe that the advertising world really wields THAT much power when it comes to street ads about PRETZELS? Expensive shoes and handbags? YES. American Apparel-wear: MOS DEF. Uh, salty pretzels? Don’t think so!

Give me a break (mmm, KitKat bars. Also THIN treats, but I guess it’s OK because they don’t flaunt their svelte delights). The pretzels, themselves, are thin, people. I’m sure there are still plenty of fat folks who believe that fat never felt so good AND enjoy such salty treats.People today are too damn sensitive about everything. This is why everyone on your precious moonbeam of a child’s soccer team gets a trophy; even the lazy, slow kid who clocks more time on the bench than on the field.

Further afield, the articles that ignited my fire:


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