Official trailer for “Rabbit Hole” now online

I was starting to worry/wonder about all of the end-of-year Oscar-worthy releases. Other than Black Swan I’m not seeing many films out there (yet) that seem like a *must* for me (like Crazy Heart, The Wrestler, The Hurt Locker, etc. from previous fall seasons). I realize that it’s only October, and most studios wait until about mid-November to start pushing their awards fodder, but to not yet see even a few good trailers has been a little disconcerting.

Until now.

Holy Ess, this is one great trailer (and not just because it uses an awesome song by the group Broken Bells to set the tone). If the trailer alone can pull you in and start to reduce you to a teary-eyed mess, then I can only imagine what the full film will be like (sadly, I missed this show when it was on Broadway, starring the always great Cynthia Nixon and the amazing silver fox himself, John Slattery. Wow, yes- I am truly miffed that I didn’t go see this play!) Instead, we get to watch Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart pick up the pieces of their fractured life. Not two of my favorite actors, but in this trailer alone, they seem to pull it off for me.

Release date is scheduled for Dec. 17.


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One response to “Official trailer for “Rabbit Hole” now online

  1. Ernio

    As much as I love JSlats and am oddly attracted to Cyndi Nixx, this duo looks awesome (and prettier). I will mourn the absence of John Gallagher, Jr. as the young man, but really excited to see “Directed by John Cameron Mitchell” – Hedwig homeboy may get some major props (hopefully to be shared with the wordsmith David Lindsay Abaire.)

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