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Move over, laser Floyd

Talk about a Great Gig in the Sky


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Melodic like the Wolf

Heard the track “Little Golden Age” by Wolf Parade  this morning on one of my favorite radio stations, KEXP. The station is based out of Seattle, WA but you check them out here, or if in New York, listen live every morning on 91.5FM.

Two new-ish bands that I always wind up confusing, superficially based on name alone, is Wolf Parade and Wolfmother. They sound nothing alike; they just both kinda came on the scene around the same time and have similar names, and I guess to my mid-30s non-hipster mind, that just means they are cut from the same cloth. Or from the same pack? if you will (you don’t have to, though). Imagine, if you will, back in the late 80s, how funny it would be if someone confused the glam-metal band L.A. Guns with the producer L.A. Reid. Yea, that’s how unaware I am about these dudes.

Wolfmother have that heavy-on-the-fuzz-guitar sound that’s reminiscent of Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, perhaps even some early Led Zep. In short, they are pretty bad ass. Even the band’s album cover art was made to explicitly obtain the Devil’s hard earned cash. (Ominous)

Wolf Parade is totally the opposite. They have catchy melodies and hooks, sing in harmony, and are an indie rock outfit, the likes of which are associated with no less than five other recent bands (natch). Their album art wants you to remember weird photographic moments from childhood. (Weird). Most notably here, I think the guitar riff (starting around the 1 minute mark) sounds like “Marquee Moon” by Television (listen for yourself here).

Also not to be confused with the bands listed above: Wolf Grandmother:

That being said, I hope you enjoy! I’m going to be checking out more from this band today, myself.

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