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#Occupy John Malkovich!


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She doesn’t give an “F” (unless we’re referring to her acting ability)


I think what we’ve got below is a way more accurate title.

You know a movie is gonna be bad when the commercials don’t even highlight the supposed lead star in the movie. From what I’ve seen, this looks more like a Jason Segel vehicle. Oh yea, and Cameron Diaz will wash your car for you.

With Segel and Timberlake  sharing the screen, how disappointing that this movie isn’t “I Love You, Man: 2”; because I bet the two of them are funny as hell together.

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I L.O.V.E. this song

Have been hearing this song incessantly, since Hellman’s must have bought advertising slots during every show that I watch on TV. Initially I thought it was by the duo She & Him, since I mistakenly assumed that it was Zooey Deschanel’s voice I was hearing. Turns out it’s a tune by the British indie/pop neo-soul singer V.V. Brown ( think post-Winehouse/ pre-Adele attempt at commercial success; she’s probably best known for her song “Shark in the Water” which wound up on the VH1 top 20 video countdown for a couple of weeks last year).

In any event, “L.O.V.E.” is catchy as hell, and it’s one of the few times that I’m calling attention to a commercial that doesn’t suck.


Hellman’s commerical here:

Listen to the whole song here:


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Save the drama for my mama

Maureen’s thoughts on

Lady Gaga

As of Sunday evening, May 22, 2011, 7pm est (when asked if she watched Gaga on Saturday Night Live the previous night):

“Ugh, no. She’s disgusting. I told your brother I wouldn’t watch her performances”

As of Monday morning, May 24, 2011, 9:30am est (after learning that my mom had seen Gaga on The View on Monday):

“I watched Lady CaCa on The View yesterday. She really seems to be a very nice young lady :)”.

please note the incongruity of that second statement!

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What does ‘yellow’ mean, He-Man!?!

Heard about this plan this morning for new traffic signs that will feature a flashing digital skeleton, in the hopes that seeing such a ghoulish caveman-style stick figure will scare drivers into slowing down.

I ain’t afraid of no skeleton! If anything, I am amused and inspired!

So I offer up two variations on a theme. One can be placed in Williamsburg, BK (or really anywhere that there are dirty hippies or joint-tokin’ bike messengers), the other can be used at intersections near Forbidden Planet in Union Square. Everyone else is stuck with the crude cave drawing.

[via Pat’s Papers]

And of course, the new sign also evokes memories of this classic TV moment:

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Who watches?

Seriously, WHO watches the Watchmen? I’d like to know when they’ll be done!

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127 Hours (and 2 seconds)

Caught this information card at the end of the most recent 127 Hours commercials (the one praising Franco and listing all of the recent award nominations that the film has received). I thought it was weird, since it looked like the legalese that you usually only find at the end of  car commercials. All praise the mighty Pause button on the remote control! And let’s not forget about our dear friend Rewind (be kind).

The quote is literally on screen for 2 seconds, so it seems like a lot of effort to flash this looong quote at the end of a national commercial, during awards season no less, and then thank a television director/producer for (I suppose) allowing you to mimic his style. I wonder who else other than me even caught a glimpse of it?

The bottom line “Thank You Mr. Lorre” refers to the vanity cards that appears at the end of most Chuck Lorre shows (Dharma and Greg,  Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory). What confuses me though, is, WHO is thanking Lorre? Is it Timothy Gray, from Variety, who wrote the quote, or is it the person(s) who grabbed the quote and threw it in at the end of the commercial?

Well, for inquiring minds, I’ve captured the quote and am including it here. Not as intriguing as getting to the bottom of a JJ Abrams puzzle, but entertaining all the same.

What’s ironic is, the quote begins: TO RELIEVE STRESS, GO TO THE MOVIES.

I guess to INDUCE stress, try reading this quote in its original format: at the end of the 127 Hours commercial.

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