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Remembering the Big Man

Although many people will immediately think of about a dozen E Street Band songs when they think about all of Clarence Clemons’ musical achievements, but one of the first songs that came to my mind when I heard about his passing was the duet (triplet?) with Jackson Browne and (??? yes, really) Daryl Hannah (Browne’s girlfriend at the time), “You’re a Friend of Mine”

A classic 80s tune, a VH-1 staple back in the day, and a song with a great message in general.

You’ll be sadly missed, Big Man!


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Yes, Please: Bon Iver covers Donny Hathaway *and* Bonnie Raitt

(this is a very lo-fi video from Youtube):

If you dig what you hear, head to the Late Night site and check out the pristine version of this performance:

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Bon Iver: I Can’t Make You Love Me (5/23/11) – Video –

God. Damn.

(that is all)

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Sweet days of summer, the jasmine’s in bloom…

Summer breezes surely do make me feel fine. Why, it’s the perfect weather for kickin’ back and listening to this compilation I cobbled together for my friends and fellow music lovers!

Grab a cool drink, lay down in some tall grass, and take a listen, won’t you?

Download here: <a href=”“>

Enjoy anywhere!

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Still holdin’ on to black metal [new tuneage-My Morning Jacket]

that is a killer chorus!

Listen to the awesome title track at stereogum

Buy the new CD on May 31

[go here]

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Yet Another Try

Back in the summer of 1988 I went to a carnival at Fort Totten in Bayside, Queens, with my brothers and some friends. I had a secret crush on one of those friends. I’ll never forget what a beautiful night it was; it was warm, but not too hot. Maybe that’s because the carnival was near the water. It was a clear night, which seems to make all of the evening lights even brighter.

We wound up riding the ferris wheel together, me and my crush, and George Michael’s “One More Try” blasted from the speakers across the fairgrounds. I loved this song, even though you’d never know it by looking at me (I was also big into the heavy metal that the young kids were all screaming about). I was really into the guy I was sitting next to. I thought it was a magical moment.
We entered that ride as friends, and then left the ride…still friends. (I was kinda shy back then).

In a very Proust-ian way, hearing Iron and Wine cover this same song (quite beautifully, I might add) just brought all of those memories rushing back. You have to love the power of music.

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Davey B!

Fantastic cover. And now a new performer to add to the list of “concerts I need to attend”

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