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Remembering the Big Man

Although many people will immediately think of about a dozen E Street Band songs when they think about all of Clarence Clemons’ musical achievements, but one of the first songs that came to my mind when I heard about his passing was the duet (triplet?) with Jackson Browne and (??? yes, really) Daryl Hannah (Browne’s girlfriend at the time), “You’re a Friend of Mine”

A classic 80s tune, a VH-1 staple back in the day, and a song with a great message in general.

You’ll be sadly missed, Big Man!


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Just another racial brick in the wall

This thing looks [unintentionally] like this other thing!

(fist image via Gothamist)

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Save the drama for my mama

Maureen’s thoughts on

Lady Gaga

As of Sunday evening, May 22, 2011, 7pm est (when asked if she watched Gaga on Saturday Night Live the previous night):

“Ugh, no. She’s disgusting. I told your brother I wouldn’t watch her performances”

As of Monday morning, May 24, 2011, 9:30am est (after learning that my mom had seen Gaga on The View on Monday):

“I watched Lady CaCa on The View yesterday. She really seems to be a very nice young lady :)”.

please note the incongruity of that second statement!

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What does ‘yellow’ mean, He-Man!?!

Heard about this plan this morning for new traffic signs that will feature a flashing digital skeleton, in the hopes that seeing such a ghoulish caveman-style stick figure will scare drivers into slowing down.

I ain’t afraid of no skeleton! If anything, I am amused and inspired!

So I offer up two variations on a theme. One can be placed in Williamsburg, BK (or really anywhere that there are dirty hippies or joint-tokin’ bike messengers), the other can be used at intersections near Forbidden Planet in Union Square. Everyone else is stuck with the crude cave drawing.

[via Pat’s Papers]

And of course, the new sign also evokes memories of this classic TV moment:

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