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#Occupy John Malkovich!


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Separated at Delivery?

Adele and Tyne Daly (in Master Class). Their common raised eyebrows are making me raise MY eyebrow! Coincidence?


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Move over, laser Floyd

Talk about a Great Gig in the Sky

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She doesn’t give an “F” (unless we’re referring to her acting ability)


I think what we’ve got below is a way more accurate title.

You know a movie is gonna be bad when the commercials don’t even highlight the supposed lead star in the movie. From what I’ve seen, this looks more like a Jason Segel vehicle. Oh yea, and Cameron Diaz will wash your car for you.

With Segel and Timberlake  sharing the screen, how disappointing that this movie isn’t “I Love You, Man: 2”; because I bet the two of them are funny as hell together.

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Just another racial brick in the wall

This thing looks [unintentionally] like this other thing!

(fist image via Gothamist)

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Two for One Special

Two incredible stars. One unforgettable haircut. I guess “House of Blue Leaves” is about a Lemon Tree-esque beauty parlor.

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Rockwell Self-portrait

I always feel like somebody’s painting me

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