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It’s like that, is it?



It’s tricky!



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Early retirement for Internet memes, the 2010 edition

This year, aside from the political (Prop 8) and public-servicey (what color is your bra?!) status-update groundswells that tend to bubble up to the surface and boil over quickly on sites like Facebook, there’s been one too many trending topics (even on  daily TV tabloids like “The Insider” and “TMZ”) that are, quite honestly, a bit past their freshness date.

For example:


Kardashian asses! (or, Kardassians, if you will)

Mel Gibson voicemails!

Today, for your consideration, I give you the following Highlights Hidden Picture-style composite of some of the other subjects that I think should also be retired from our daily 140-word lexicons*. How many moldy pop cultural references can YOU spot?

(*the author of this post readily admits to having been a fan, at one time or another, of most of these internet memes. She also realizes that knowing is half the battle.)

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